Thursday, February 10, 2011

otherWISE-Merchants of Emotions


well i think you all heard the Merchant of Deaths. But do you know the Merchants of Emotions - well you need not run your brain a lot you sit in front of it everydayThe media i.e., the Fourth Estate. Well this estate is clearly penetrating into our brains.

there programs come on their display of emotions, their pitch come on if something is going bad in the society they are the good Samaritans who really feel bad and are taking the pain like Jesus or drinking all the poison like Lord Shiva. Yesterday i was in a TV studio, my cousin works over there. there was a programme on the rape of a 10 year old child. and while the show was happening after sometime i started sobbing when the girl was saying what happened, and what made me really cry was the emotions of the voice of the reporter. it took sometime to recover. during the lunch hour i was in the cafeteria, i met the anchor, whose voice was in the background. she was in her cool, puffing a cigarette, my cousin is a good friend of her and she introduced me to each other. but what really got me angry then was the jovial sense in which those people discussed the matter. i felt for a second was this the same girl who anchored the story? i confirmed it and then got angry and stood up and went into my cousins chamber. she came over and asked what happened?

i asked her how the hell can they say those words, feel so sorry for the girl and make fun at the entire f******* issue? arent you ashamed of it. she asked me what do you feel like watching on a 24-hour news channel? i said reality. she said me did you watch swades, i said yeah it was a good movie and then she asked me why did it go flop? i couldnt answer everything was perfect in the movie also, was the time of release. she said no one wants to see reality in its purest form, they need some masala. and what else can you find to run 24-hour, come on we need to run it. it is like neha dhupia says only sex and sharukh sell and there is a third dimension EMOTIONS.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

otherwise-countering the impotency

Impotency it is not the sexual one i am talking about in here. i am talking in terms of justifying our living in our country. well, when i see my peers around acting recklessly and some times also in a shameful way like bribing, eve-teasing and doing other activities , well there is one thing i think how should i stop it? well we sometimes get a solution but still act impotent, the reason? we are afraid to be the change we want to be in our society.

The awareness of our youth is also decreasing in a rather shameful way. there was recently a debate on a news chanel and the youth actively participating was making a mockery of themselves. come on there was one thing i was made sure through that debate " watch me baby that's me ." Come on some cheap fellow was showing pride that he got away for less money when he was caught without a license and some were priding that they literally ran as they were in a hurry because they had all the necessary documents( i felt one thing what the f*** do u want to say?)

There can be ample of examples i was about to write exams, these things have been really deep into me, ok coming back what has led to this pity state?