Tuesday, January 4, 2011

otherwise-countering the impotency

Impotency it is not the sexual one i am talking about in here. i am talking in terms of justifying our living in our country. well, when i see my peers around acting recklessly and some times also in a shameful way like bribing, eve-teasing and doing other activities , well there is one thing i think how should i stop it? well we sometimes get a solution but still act impotent, the reason? we are afraid to be the change we want to be in our society.

The awareness of our youth is also decreasing in a rather shameful way. there was recently a debate on a news chanel and the youth actively participating was making a mockery of themselves. come on there was one thing i was made sure through that debate " watch me baby that's me ." Come on some cheap fellow was showing pride that he got away for less money when he was caught without a license and some were priding that they literally ran as they were in a hurry because they had all the necessary documents( i felt one thing what the f*** do u want to say?)

There can be ample of examples i was about to write exams, these things have been really deep into me, ok coming back what has led to this pity state?