Sunday, March 4, 2012

OTHERWISE - What makes people extra-ordinary?

well there are people around us .... some are great, some are good and others u don't want to think about them.

well where lies the difference is a serious issue which has been boggling my mind for a very long time. I am not really sure that I have found an answer today but I think I have found the closest.

See one thing is for sure if the person is right in every sense then either u are not watching him closely or he is a god in human form.

So now everyone around has problems in day to day life and the great persons do not really get into them. They have a schedule and they stick to them, come what may and my dads commenting about it well I am clarifying it I am not great or good but I am trying to be one. Now the rest of the things in their way are something they deal with but, they make sure that their goal is achieved. Mind u I am talkin about the long term goals not the short term goals or the pleasure giving goals......

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Abhinav Manas 2.0

Hi, I hope someone is reading this blog apart from me, I do some grammatical mistakes but u see the purpose of a blog is to convey what u think not necessarily brag about ur flair is english. Yeah its really after a long time I am posting one and this is more of a philosophical issue.

There are many occasions in life when u just say to urself " dude how was i that stupid," come on if nobody is watching u around, u can accept this fact. Be it studies, relations, the way u handled ur self in that situation, it can be anything - even the way u took a pee.

Now i m in a bit of drama, well I cleared CAT and I was stupid enough not to apply for good colleges. Why? is the next question and there is an answer I was kind of a SISSY. I was out of my usual self, I didnt believe in myself , Yeah and why did I do that? my engineering grades were low. Yeah i was stupid, but the point I want to say is "do believe in urself," have a peer group whom u can share anything even say erectile dysfunction( an example guys, I know nobody who has something like that). I read about King Arthur, he had a couple of guys whom he called Round table, whom he used share everything. And now there are people whom u cannot be sure of leave them for now, be sure of whom u are entertaining. see the movie Nixon - Anthony Hopkins -u are gonna love it

Good Luck

Adios Amigo

Abhinav Manas 2.0