Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Newspapers, should they be rated, based on their content as universal or adult or under adult supervision? It is a topic which has been debated for a very long time. The Reuters say that it is like, clipping of their wings. But, as a personal opinion I feel like the newspapers should be rated. The reason is as follows:
The reason is quite obvious. Gone are the days when, newspapers were considered to be a set of papers containing valuable and reliable pieces of information and no more are newspapers education or information oriented. They are more oriented towards scandals not scams. One or two papers stand as an exception. Most of the articles are like ‘hero or heroine or sportsperson or babaji has exposed his/her undies or they are going bed with those’. They are carrying what we can term as absolute crap. One or two pages are of credible information in the 20-odd pages.
So, do we need our children or siblings to have access to these ‘as the ones they should get their hands onto as the very first thing in the very morning?’
And rating a newspaper may not stop the peril of these satanic things reaching and corrupting young minds but, this will create awareness. I will tell you how? In our school we had an option to subscribe to a national daily and there was this newspaper which boasted itself as the NEWSPAPER IN EDUCATION. And this was also given at subsidized rates. So, naturally many a student’s opted it. Do you know what is the first thing when the get these sacred educating pieces into their hands? They open the ‘raunchy pics’ page (everything else can wait). It is the first thing they do and it is not only the case with my peers but also children of 6th and 7th class. And sadly a couple of these pictures even made it to the notice board.
Do we really need these educating articles and pictures in our young generations’ hand? This is the question.
I don’t say that the rating of newspapers will completely avert the danger. Nobody can stop a child from getting onto a bad path. But, still we will get an awareness of things and may be postpone these things until he/she gets mature.


The other day, when a dear friend of mine was talking to his ‘new girlfriend’, I was beside him. In their conversation of five minutes he said to her I LOVE YOU ten times (as no other alternative) and I can bet a grand that she would have said it twenty times.
Let me introduce my friend:
He was like one of the most mischievous boys in the class and ‘is or was’ a definite flirt. He had talked to this ‘new’ girl for seven weeks and she proposed him by the end of fifth week. And the shocking part (at least for me), he was smitten by this new girl.
Now, he talks to her at least four to five hours in a day and spends three to four hours with his newly possessed love in the library. And when I visited his place the other day his mother questioned me, “Beta! What do you study for so long and why don’t you come over to our place for studying instead of talking over the phone?” I was mystified, but in split second after glancing at my peer’s expression, the unrevealed fact which burst out was that his girl friend’s number was stored with my name.
My name was used as an instrument and helped my friend in escaping the subsequent questions from his mother’s side.
Giving the subject “love” a thought at personal level then “does it seriously exist” (between two persons preferably man and female, sorry my views about society are a little orthodox). And if at all it exists, then does it make them not only stick to their phone for four or five hours in a day …. Huh!!! At least Seven hours in a day!!
Undoubtedly nobody can stay talking to their parents more than say ten to fifteen minutes (I mean serious talking over phone). But, I can understand and match it, with my little knowledge from the Einstein’s theory of relativity which states- “you can sit with a girl for an hour and you feel like a minute and if you sit on a stove for a second, you feel like an hour’s paradise.”
And my friend is not the only one who regales me with such stories; there are lot more I have seen. A friend who didn’t marry because his lover had to marry somebody else. A friend who doesn’t look at other girls as he loves a girl from his 8th standard (he is also hooked to phone as no other alternative). And also another friend who falls in love with a new girl once in a month.
Now my final parting query is, “Does something called love and that too of the extreme kind alike my friend’s?”
If at all yes, love of this extreme kind exists, hope I find it at the earliest. Otherwise my dad is happy with my present mobile bills and other expenditures.

otherWISE- my experience.

5th January 2010, this day may be holding no importance in any one reading this. If at all it holds the, you are not the only one.
On this day I went to 3 idiots a good movie. In the ending five minutes that everything around me started becoming blurred, I was sweating heavily, I suddenly stopped breathing.
Everything stopped for me in a split-second. I felt like my ‘THE END’ was nearing. With great difficulty, I conveyed one of my friends; they helped me move into the corridor of the theatre.
Suddenly, glimpses of my parents started appeared in front of my eyes, I was trying to recollect what all was to be done before THE END. I didn’t understand what to do. I was not able to recollect anything more.
Finally I was in the balcony, I breathed some fresh air, my friends got me a doctor watching the movie. He examined me and said it was a simple case of asphyxia- something which happens when you are in a congested place due to lack of oxygen to the brain.
When I heard that everything was fine, I was filled with renewed vigor, I was filled with energy, I was jumping out of joy like apache warrior.
I called up my parents and said them that everything was great. They asked me what happened in the first case. I said that I was calling just to tell them that everything was rocking. As far as my knowledge goes, they smelt something fishy, but thanks god they left the matter, otherWISE I would had to wash a lot of dirty linen.
Then while coming back from the theatre, I understood the meaning of words-
While I was returning back I took a detour and went for Dayalbagh(my religious abode), for a thanksgiving. I realized how small life can be and promised him a new ABHINAV.
Many of you might think this pensive, melodramatic state is something funny and I too am chuckling when I m writing this. But, there is a moral in every story and also this one has.
You never know when clock stops ticking. So, enjoy your life as best as it could be. Work hard to realize your dreams. Live life for pure joy in ‘your’ terms.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sikh scribe throws shoes at Chidambaram.When I read this it reminded that the day before it was Bush & Wen Jiabo.Now I have some questions .Now is this the only form of protest which leaders do take care of? Now whom did he really throw the shoe on? was it the Home Minister? a mere politician, a person who couldnt answer a question due to some compulsions or the entire Indian system? Well was it the law minister who is responsible or the C.B.I. or the democracy itself which led to this grave situation.

Now the second thing I don’t understand is why did P.Chidambaram the Honble home minister of India simply ‘forgive’ him? Doesn’t he understand that he is simply forgiving somebody who is disrespecting the Indian democracy or is he forgiving because he is incapable of showing respect to the system or for the vote bank or thinking what the protester did is right?

And why is a political party showering 2 Lakhs on this so called Brave protestor aren’t there any more in India or is he the only brave Punjabi?

Well I come from Andhra Pradesh where Mr.Potti Sree Ramulu died on his fast for a separate Telugu speaking state . Well if Mr.Jarnail Singh has that real concern let him do something like that and if his death goes in vain I will be the next one in line. If not I got something for him(a chappal and a really old one)!

Well next comes Mr.Naveen Jindal who showed real mercy on an old man!

Now Advaniji made security arrangements by making supporters or people leave chappals at safe distance in Coimbatore but is embarrassed in another situation .well im eagerly waiting what this tough man will do???

Well is a necessary step like leave your weapons and chappals necessary in the present situation before entering any political meeting ???

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