Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Newspapers, should they be rated, based on their content as universal or adult or under adult supervision? It is a topic which has been debated for a very long time. The Reuters say that it is like, clipping of their wings. But, as a personal opinion I feel like the newspapers should be rated. The reason is as follows:
The reason is quite obvious. Gone are the days when, newspapers were considered to be a set of papers containing valuable and reliable pieces of information and no more are newspapers education or information oriented. They are more oriented towards scandals not scams. One or two papers stand as an exception. Most of the articles are like ‘hero or heroine or sportsperson or babaji has exposed his/her undies or they are going bed with those’. They are carrying what we can term as absolute crap. One or two pages are of credible information in the 20-odd pages.
So, do we need our children or siblings to have access to these ‘as the ones they should get their hands onto as the very first thing in the very morning?’
And rating a newspaper may not stop the peril of these satanic things reaching and corrupting young minds but, this will create awareness. I will tell you how? In our school we had an option to subscribe to a national daily and there was this newspaper which boasted itself as the NEWSPAPER IN EDUCATION. And this was also given at subsidized rates. So, naturally many a student’s opted it. Do you know what is the first thing when the get these sacred educating pieces into their hands? They open the ‘raunchy pics’ page (everything else can wait). It is the first thing they do and it is not only the case with my peers but also children of 6th and 7th class. And sadly a couple of these pictures even made it to the notice board.
Do we really need these educating articles and pictures in our young generations’ hand? This is the question.
I don’t say that the rating of newspapers will completely avert the danger. Nobody can stop a child from getting onto a bad path. But, still we will get an awareness of things and may be postpone these things until he/she gets mature.

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