Tuesday, March 9, 2010

otherWISE- my experience.

5th January 2010, this day may be holding no importance in any one reading this. If at all it holds the, you are not the only one.
On this day I went to 3 idiots a good movie. In the ending five minutes that everything around me started becoming blurred, I was sweating heavily, I suddenly stopped breathing.
Everything stopped for me in a split-second. I felt like my ‘THE END’ was nearing. With great difficulty, I conveyed one of my friends; they helped me move into the corridor of the theatre.
Suddenly, glimpses of my parents started appeared in front of my eyes, I was trying to recollect what all was to be done before THE END. I didn’t understand what to do. I was not able to recollect anything more.
Finally I was in the balcony, I breathed some fresh air, my friends got me a doctor watching the movie. He examined me and said it was a simple case of asphyxia- something which happens when you are in a congested place due to lack of oxygen to the brain.
When I heard that everything was fine, I was filled with renewed vigor, I was filled with energy, I was jumping out of joy like apache warrior.
I called up my parents and said them that everything was great. They asked me what happened in the first case. I said that I was calling just to tell them that everything was rocking. As far as my knowledge goes, they smelt something fishy, but thanks god they left the matter, otherWISE I would had to wash a lot of dirty linen.
Then while coming back from the theatre, I understood the meaning of words-
While I was returning back I took a detour and went for Dayalbagh(my religious abode), for a thanksgiving. I realized how small life can be and promised him a new ABHINAV.
Many of you might think this pensive, melodramatic state is something funny and I too am chuckling when I m writing this. But, there is a moral in every story and also this one has.
You never know when clock stops ticking. So, enjoy your life as best as it could be. Work hard to realize your dreams. Live life for pure joy in ‘your’ terms.

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