Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The other day, when a dear friend of mine was talking to his ‘new girlfriend’, I was beside him. In their conversation of five minutes he said to her I LOVE YOU ten times (as no other alternative) and I can bet a grand that she would have said it twenty times.
Let me introduce my friend:
He was like one of the most mischievous boys in the class and ‘is or was’ a definite flirt. He had talked to this ‘new’ girl for seven weeks and she proposed him by the end of fifth week. And the shocking part (at least for me), he was smitten by this new girl.
Now, he talks to her at least four to five hours in a day and spends three to four hours with his newly possessed love in the library. And when I visited his place the other day his mother questioned me, “Beta! What do you study for so long and why don’t you come over to our place for studying instead of talking over the phone?” I was mystified, but in split second after glancing at my peer’s expression, the unrevealed fact which burst out was that his girl friend’s number was stored with my name.
My name was used as an instrument and helped my friend in escaping the subsequent questions from his mother’s side.
Giving the subject “love” a thought at personal level then “does it seriously exist” (between two persons preferably man and female, sorry my views about society are a little orthodox). And if at all it exists, then does it make them not only stick to their phone for four or five hours in a day …. Huh!!! At least Seven hours in a day!!
Undoubtedly nobody can stay talking to their parents more than say ten to fifteen minutes (I mean serious talking over phone). But, I can understand and match it, with my little knowledge from the Einstein’s theory of relativity which states- “you can sit with a girl for an hour and you feel like a minute and if you sit on a stove for a second, you feel like an hour’s paradise.”
And my friend is not the only one who regales me with such stories; there are lot more I have seen. A friend who didn’t marry because his lover had to marry somebody else. A friend who doesn’t look at other girls as he loves a girl from his 8th standard (he is also hooked to phone as no other alternative). And also another friend who falls in love with a new girl once in a month.
Now my final parting query is, “Does something called love and that too of the extreme kind alike my friend’s?”
If at all yes, love of this extreme kind exists, hope I find it at the earliest. Otherwise my dad is happy with my present mobile bills and other expenditures.

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