Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sikh scribe throws shoes at Chidambaram.When I read this it reminded that the day before it was Bush & Wen Jiabo.Now I have some questions .Now is this the only form of protest which leaders do take care of? Now whom did he really throw the shoe on? was it the Home Minister? a mere politician, a person who couldnt answer a question due to some compulsions or the entire Indian system? Well was it the law minister who is responsible or the C.B.I. or the democracy itself which led to this grave situation.

Now the second thing I don’t understand is why did P.Chidambaram the Honble home minister of India simply ‘forgive’ him? Doesn’t he understand that he is simply forgiving somebody who is disrespecting the Indian democracy or is he forgiving because he is incapable of showing respect to the system or for the vote bank or thinking what the protester did is right?

And why is a political party showering 2 Lakhs on this so called Brave protestor aren’t there any more in India or is he the only brave Punjabi?

Well I come from Andhra Pradesh where Mr.Potti Sree Ramulu died on his fast for a separate Telugu speaking state . Well if Mr.Jarnail Singh has that real concern let him do something like that and if his death goes in vain I will be the next one in line. If not I got something for him(a chappal and a really old one)!

Well next comes Mr.Naveen Jindal who showed real mercy on an old man!

Now Advaniji made security arrangements by making supporters or people leave chappals at safe distance in Coimbatore but is embarrassed in another situation .well im eagerly waiting what this tough man will do???

Well is a necessary step like leave your weapons and chappals necessary in the present situation before entering any political meeting ???

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